Target Audience

Anonymous crowd of people walking on city street

Course Objectives

To share successful methods, attitudes and perspectives on building a new family with Christ as the foundation, incorporating Love, Respect and Honor; using the Lesson Plan as a framework to cover issues experienced and solved by others. This allows vision in making home a safe place to fail, enabling growth, participation, investment and success.

Target Audience

Normally a follow-on seminar to Divorce Care, other marriage or individual counseling sessions resulting from divorce, first time marriage to a divorce survivor, blended families, single parent families, or death of a spouse, with or without children involved. Additionally, traditional families seeking a new approach to solving similar issues.

Attributes of Participants

Participants should have worked out and moved past the majority of debilitating issues, those issues that support being “stuck in the past”, from failures or termination of a previous marriage or marriages. A willingness to be coachable, steerable, and teachable. Most, if not all, of the anger of the past is dealt with, having a mind open to new ideas, concepts and processes for building a strong, nurturing, and encouraging family life. Pressing on toward a renewed vision actively seeking fresh Hope, an offering of Forgiveness and Grace, A commitment to starting a new way of family, not starting the old ways over again!