How To Prepare To Attend


1. Arrange for child care if necessary for the two days. See the schedule for the date and times.

2. The seminar has a companion Study Guide that is necessary for your complete understanding and benefit of the material presented. You will need to print the Study Guide and bring it to the seminar with you. Please bring pencil and/or pen for note taking. You can print the Study Guide HERE. Other articles and handouts of interest are available at this LINK.

3. FBD will be emailing an article to you we request everyone reads to completion before the first session. It is a multiple page article and will take more than 5 minutes to read. This will help get the thought processes started on what we will be discussing during the seminar.

4. Each participant should begin an internal thinking process considering a few questions:

a. What is the number one thing I want to take away from the seminar?

b. Is there an issue I have been having a difficult time coming up with a

workable solution?

5. A good night’s sleep the night before the seminar starts.

6. You are invited to bring special drinks if you desire. Coffee, ice water, and light snacks are provided for during the day. Lunch provided by Families By Design USA. If you have special dietary requirements, email us and let us know what you will be bringing for that need.

7. There will be homework on the first night. It is imperative you complete the requested task for the next morning.

8. There is a team of folks you do not know, who do not know you, praying for our time together. Everyone at FBD is striving for your success within your marriage and family. We know how difficult some of these issues are and can be. You have taken the first huge step: searching for a better way.

9. We ask that every participant in our seminars abide by standards stipulated to enhance your experience. Click on this LINK for the Participants Convent. Please read, print and bring to the first session.

10. Come with an open mind, open heart, willingness to learn, and you will discover how to refresh you and your family.