FBD USA Ministry

“In order to have something you’ve never had,

You must do something you’ve never done”

Who We Are

Families By Design USA, Inc. (FBD) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2007 to present a program to offer fresh Hope, Grace, and Practical Helps for blended families and those who have gone through divorce, equipping them to build healthy Christ-centered families and relationships.

This supports our express purpose to directly educate clients of processes and techniques offering new hope in family beginnings through marriage or re-marriage in the image of Christ. Demonstrating it is understandable, attainable, and sustainable. Provide a methodology of passing on a loving family heritage others can duplicate; to share successful methods, attitudes and perspectives on building a new family with Christ as the foundation, incorporating Love, Respect and Honor. Using the Lesson Plan, as a framework, to cover issues experienced and solved by others. Give vision to making home a safe place to fail, enabling growth, participation, investment and success.

Why We Are

More than 50% of church goers are or have been divorced, and about the same number are a member of a blended family; by definition, bringing 1 or more fractured, damaged and hurting families together. They face all the challenges of a traditional, single marriage family plus many of the hurts, habits, and hang-ups of all of the other immediate and extended family units involved.

With just a single divorce and re-marriage, up to 10 other couples and families are in the picture with a mere 30% chance of making it work. With 2 or 3 divorces and re-marriages, the number exponentially increases with a less than 25% chance of success. All of these folks bring issues to bear on the new blended family. Normally, a new husband and wife have time to establish their new home before the family increases. Not so with a blended family. Single one day - married the next with an average of 1 to 4 kids involved; everybody vying for a new family position, new boundaries, new faces at the dinner table, sharing many things with those who are essentially strangers. And we are surprised when problems and issues arise!

Come visit with us and learn how to intentionally navigate around and through many of these challenges, learn new processes to faithfully build a blended family instilling honor, love, compassion, strength, and fresh hope. You’ll love the vision; you’ll love the outcome in your home. As we all know, trying to build a new family using old ways is fruitless and frustrating.