Thursday, 22 Mar 2018
To host a full weekend seminar presentation (24 seats) by Families By Design USA begin the process by filling out information below: Request To Host A Families By Design USA Seminar . . . Organization Name:* Desired date to host seminar: date selector Address:* City:* State:* Zip Code:* Number of members in your organization:* Our organization's web site: (Approxiamte) Primary Point Of Contact (POC) First Name:* Last Name:* EMail Address:* Phone:* Phone Number is: Alternate Point Of Contact (POC) Best Time To Call: First Name: Last Name: EMail Address: Phone: Phone Number is: Best Time To Call: Check those that apply: Divorce Care or Divorce Recovery is offered in our area. We are willing to open attendance to other organizations in our area; i.e. Salvation Army, churches of other denominations and affiliations, or community relief organizations. Other information we feel we should know about to help us tailor the weekend for our attendees. Upon receiving your request, one of our Directors will be assigned to you as a POC to Families By Design USA. We will send you an Introduction Package outlining for you and your decisions maker(s) what we are about and what it takes to host an event. We prefer to have the Introduction Package sent via: Electronically (PDF Attachment) Postal Mail Date we expect to make a decision: date selector