Thursday, 22 Mar 2018

The Story Of Joy . . .


Joy Lewis grew up in a farming community north of Boise, Idaho.  Being the oldest of 4, she learned responsibility through many different situations whether selling produce, driving farm machinery, or the demands of being a first born.  Her siblings argue it created a somewhat overbearing older sister! 

While growing up, her family’s affiliation with an ultra-conservative church affected her in many ways.  Some good; some as she discovered later, were not as positive.  Joy traveled to the Illinois to attend Bible Missionary Institute for 2 years.  There she met her first husband, married and began raising a family of 3 children.  The marriage disintegrated in divorce after 18 years of riding a “roller coaster”.  She continued to work, supporting herself and 3 kids, raising them with all the hardships of a single Mom, having little financial support but being blessed with love and support from her extended family and church family. There were some difficult times in sorting out a dramatically changed life; teaching her children solid values and close relationship with Christ on a daily basis over the next three years.  During that time, painful tears often baptized life, while solidifying her walk with God and slowly building positive growth within her. 

Herb came on the scene after her extended family met him through a mission trip to Haiti. Herb and Joy were introduced and after several months of courtship and meeting each other’s family and “guardrails”, they married in October 2001. 

Blending a family of 6 kids brings on its own unique challenges and together they solved many unusual and fast changing issues.  The last child’s graduation in 2012 culminates to the next phase of life: loving Christ, Herb and life as she continues to invest in others through close personal involvement, but never passing up an opportunity to learn more every day.  Through it all, Joy accomplished many goals in life… living in a place of contentment she thought would never be hers.  But God in His wisdom, timing and mercy has healed, instilled fresh hope for the future, and used the pains of yesterday to help build the incredible possibilities of tomorrow. 

Joy shares openly with participants the road she traveled along with many of the lessons learned during that journey.  You will enjoy her quiet, yet strong perspective on how to move towards a better life, and intentional steps helping to design a closer family.